2014 UPass Receipt, other-resources upass-receipts
2015 UPass Receipt, other-resources upass-receipts
2016 UPass Receipt, other-resources upass-receipts
2017 UPass Receipt, other-resources upass-receipts
WUSA Accessibility Infographic May 2021, accessibility-report reports
WUSA Accessibility Report May 2021, , accessibility-report featured reports
Education and Reconciliation Reportreports
Flexible & Remote Options for Winter 2022 Coursesreports
2014 Governance Review Governance Effectiveness Assessment Report, governance-report reports
2022 Final Report of the WUSA Governance Review, governance-report reports
WUSA Housing Infographic May 2021, housing-report reports
2024-25 Election Results
WUSA Housing Report May 2021, , featured housing-report reports
Voter Preferences Table
WUSA Return to Campus Housing Survey December 2021, housing-report reports
Audit Report 2012, audit reports
WUSA Part-time Staff Manualother-resources
Audit Report 2013, audit reports
RSP Physical Health and Wellness Survey Report
Audit Report 2014, audit reports
Audit Report 2015, audit reports
RSP Student Connectedness Report
Audit Report 2016, audit reports
Audit Report 2017, audit reports
Audit Report 2018, audit reports
Audit Report 2019, audit reports
Audit Report 2020, audit reports
Report of the Course Evaluation Project Teamreports
Return to Campus Report Summary, reports return-to-campus-report
Return to Campus Report, reports return-to-campus-report
Teaching Quality and Culture at the University of Waterloo Reportreports
Trans & Racialized Student Experiences with Campus Wellnessreports
Teaching and Course Quality Survey Reportreports
Bar/Pub Operating Agreementagreements
Constitution and Bylaws of the Student Life Endowment Fund (SLEF)agreements
Health and Dental Agreement Addendum Appendix E 2013, agreements health-and-dental-plan
Health and Dental Agreement Addendum Appendix H 2018, agreements health-and-dental-plan
Memorandum of Agreement and Understanding Health & Dental, agreements health-and-dental-plan
Health Services Amendment, agreements health-services-expansion
UW Health Services Extension Agreement, agreements health-services-expansion
Student Life Centre Operation Agreementagreements
UPass Amending Agreement Fall 2020, agreements upass-agreements
upass agreement 05 28 2020, agreements upass-agreements
WUSA University of Waterloo of Pharmacy Memorandum of Understanding, agreements endowment-fund-mou
WUSA Mathematics Endowment Fund Memorandum of Understanding, agreements endowment-fund-mou
Memorandum of Understanding Federation of Students Societies Agreement, agreements wusa-societies
SCHEDULE “A”, agreements wusa-societies
Student Publications Report, featured reports
WUSA Election Report Winter 2021, featured reports
1968 University of Waterloo Federation of Students Agreement and Supporting Memorandum, agreements wusa-university
INews Survey Report, featured reports
Environmental Projects Memorandum of Understanding, agreements wusa-university
Stratford Satellite Campus Interceptreports
By laws Old Version, by-laws general
Cambridge Satellite Campus Interceptreports
WUSA Bylaws 2022 06 22, by-laws general
WUSA Election Report Spring 2022reports
WUSA Bylaws 2022 06 22, by-laws general
W22 Return to Campus Interceptreports
Charter of the Federation of Studentsgeneral
First Year Fair Survey Reportreports
Council Handbookgeneral
WUSA Services Reviewreports
RSP Advocacy Survey Report
Director Role Description, elections-and-referenda procedures
WUSA Annual Plan 2023-2024
WUSA Roadmap 2022-2023plans
WUSA Operational Budget 2023-2024 (XSLX)budgets
Harassment and Discrimination Policygeneral
RSP Affordability Survey Report
Audit Report 2022, audit reports
Audit Report 2023, audit reports
WUSA Impact Reportreports
Audit Report 2021, audit reports
WUSA Operational Budget Report 2019-2020 (PDF)budgets
WUSA Operational Budget 2019-2020 (XLSX)budgets
Board Committee Policiespolicies
WUSA Operational Budget 2020-2021 (PDF)budgets
WUSA Operational Budget 2020-2021 (XLSX)budgets
WUSA Operational Budget Report 2022-2023 (PDF)budgets
WUSA Operational Budget 2022-2023 (XLSX)budgets
WUSA Impact Report 2023reports
Annual Plan 2021 2022plans
Board of Directors Annual Plan 2018 2019plans
Board of Directors Annual Plan 2019 2020plans
Long Range Plan 2015 2020plans
Long Range Plan 2020 2025plans
Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association Policiesgeneral
Board of Directors Proceduresprocedures
President Role Description, elections-and-referenda procedures
Role Description Director, elections-and-referenda procedures
Vice President Role Description, elections-and-referenda procedures
WUSA Elections and Referenda Procedures – Nov 2022, elections-and-referenda procedures
Students’ Council Procedures May 2021procedures
2013 UPass Receipt, other-resources upass-receipts