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Alana Guevara
Administrative Officer
(226) 243-6643

Brian Schwan
Director, Student Engagement
(226) 243-6643

Katie Traynor
Vice President
(226) 499-6564

Esther Wingate
Governance Manager
(226) 243-6643

Melissa Thomas
Director, Marketing, Communications & Outreach
(226) 499-4495

Mike Cimetta
Executive Assistant
(226) 243-6448

Prashant Kumar Patel
Director, Operations & Development
(226) 499-5114

Rory Norris
(226) 243-7728

Suzanne Burdett
Executive Director
(226) 243-6643

Jessica Boonstra
Accounting Assistant
(226) 243-6643

Karl Kliewer
Accounting Clerk
(226) 243-6643

Gurpreet Saini
Financial Systems Specialist & Accountant
(226) 243-7781

Joe Zhou
Financial Analyst
(226) 243-6643

Alero Ogbeide
Equity Specialist
(226) 243-6643

David Kuhn
Stakeholder Relations Officer
(548) 255-0129

Jill Knight
Manager, Advocacy and Stakeholder Relations
(226) 444-4423

Jordan Daniels
Research Coordinator
(226) 243-6643

Becky Wroe
Orientation & Member Transitions Manager
(226) 243-6643

Cassidy Wagler
Special Events Coordinator
(226) 243-6643

Rachel Lui
Clubs Manager
(226) 243-8123

Leslie Harber
First-Year Experience Coordinator
(226) 243-6643

Sam Spizzirri
Services Support Specialist

Deydipyo Chaudhury
Area Manager, Food Operations
(226) 499-4222

Jill Nothstein
Area Manager, Retail
(226) 243-6643

Lili Liu
Food Operations Assistant Manager
(226) 243-6643

Caitlyn Yu
Web Design Specialist
(226) 243-6643

Corey Stadnyk
Senior Systems Administrator
(226) 243-6643

James Brocklebank
Senior Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Developer
(226) 243-6643

Pratik Patel
IT Manager
(226) 243-6643

Aiju Chau
Communications Specialist

Alexander Kelley
Marketing Manager
(226) 499-8896

Miho Nagayama
Design Coordinator

Melina Quijano
Marketing Specialist

Stacey Sage
Communications & Media Relations Manager
(226) 243-8112

Sonia Tessaro
Marketing Specialist
(226) 243-6643

Leona Chan
Manager of Desk Operations
519-888-4567, ext 84434

Scott Pearson
Manager, Facility Operations & Membership
(519) 888-4567 x37308

Media Inquiries

Contact Stacey Sage, Communications and Media Relations Manager.
For media requests outside of WUSA office hours, please call the media line at

Media Line: 226-243-8112

Main Office

Student Life Centre, Room 1116
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1

226 243-6643

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Leave us a note on experience or satisfaction levels on a product, service, or positions WUSA may be taking.

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