What can I find at WUSA Thrift?

WUSA Thrift is now a reality, featuring a washing and drying area, change rooms, display rooms, and employing both volunteers and part-time staff to keep the operation running smoothly.

However, WUSA Thrift’s key advantage is that each item sold in store is no more than $10! These highly affordable clothing options can help students, staff, and community members to reduce their participation in the fast fashion cycle, while also being very cost friendly.

Graphic with a pricing list for WUSA Thrift. There is green text on a yellow background that reads as following: Clothing Tees, Shirts - $4 Shorts, Leggings, Pajamas - $5 Crewnecks, Hoodies, Sweaters, Dresses - $6 Denims, Sweatpants, Pants - $7 Jackets, Coats - $10 Shoes - $10 Miscellaneous Items Hats, Scarves, Caps - $4 Backpacks, Fancy Purses - $5 W-Store Donated Items - $5 Other - $3


WUSA Thrift was proposed by the Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI), as a solution for the discarded and donated clothes from students in residences once the school term had finished.

In less than a year, SCI complied 180 bags of left-over clothing, weighing up to 10 kilograms each! These 1,800 kilograms of textiles, generated in less than one year, inspired SCI to create a sustainable and fair way of distributing such goods. By selling these high-quality, gently used clothing-items at discount, students and community members could have access to affordable clothing and reduce their carbon footprint by shopping second-hand.

SCI began by selling these clothes at campus pop-up events, but wanted to set up a more permanent and easily accessible option for shoppers. These events garnered attention and intrigue, leading to the creation of a second-hand clothing store to be opened on a regular basis.

WUSA Thrift Events

  • September 17 @ 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM EDT

    Thrift Tea