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Our team of creative and engaged volunteers keep CEE students connected to their campus community while they’re away from the UWaterloo campus for their work term. We help co-op students connect with each other in their work-term city through fun events and happenings.


The mission of the Co-op Connection service is to connect students on co-op work terms in the same cities by providing social programming, peer support and information from the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association in order to enhance communication and advocate for the needs of co-op students.


  • To be the social programming leaders for Co-op students while on work term
  • To provide opportunities to connect, network, and support students on co-op term in the same city
  • To understand the unique needs and advocate for necessary change on behalf of co-op students
  • To create programs and events based on meeting the needs of students
  • To provide opportunities for student leadership
  • To create and maintain partnerships with the Co-op Education office

Facebook Virtual Groups

Co-op Connection offers virtual connect groups for co-op students in Ontario, the Eastern and Western Regions of Canada, and elsewhere across the globe.

Virtual Meeting


Co-op Connection is a networking service for students who are working during their co-op term.

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