Bike Centre provides the Waterloo undergraduate students with and affordable way to use their bikes. By doing that, we all are contributing to creating a better and more sustainable world.   

Our do-it-yourself bike repair shop is conveniently located in the SLC. Tools, used parts and fluids are free to use and it’s always free to pump your tires! 

Please check our social media for hours of operation updates and follow us for events and volunteer opportunities. 

How it Works

We are proudly run by volunteer students, not professional mechanics than provide resources and assist you with repairs, but we are not a full-service shop. We have the tools for most routine maintenance! 

Fluids available (for free): 

  • Oil (suitable for your chain). 
  • Grease (the thick gooey stuff to be used on bearings). 
  • The use of tools and fluids is free. It is always free to pump up your tires. 
  • Citrus-based solvent (for helping get rid of the old gooey stuff). 

Parts for sale: 

  • Inner Tubes – $6 (24”, 26”, & 700c sizes available) 
  • Brake & Shift Cables: $3 
  • Brake & Shift Housing: $2/ft 
  • Glue Patch: $0.50 each 
  • U Lock and Cable: $40 
  • Brake Pads: $6 
  • Chains: $25 

*Bike Center doesn’t’ have tools specific for disc brakes, suspension fork or shock, frame straightening, pressing in headset cups, or for specialized/cutting-edge/high-end parts. 


The Bike Centre is in the northwest corner of the Student Life Centre. You can get to us from the outside by our door in that corner of the building (on the Ring Road side of the SLC loading docks) or from inside the SLC by walking down the hallway past the CIBC in the basement. The room number is SLC 0101.