With over 200 clubs, you’re sure to find the one for you

For over 50 years we’ve connected students with opportunities outside the classroom to meet like-minded people.

WUSA clubs organizes and facilitates hundreds of events and meetups every term, providing plenty of extra-curricular opportunities for Waterloo students

All the Support You Need

Your Clubs Support Team is a group of 12 undergraduate volunteers who dedicate their spare time to make everything possible

They are available in person or on Facebook Messenger to help with all aspects of running your club, from event forms to best practices to food regulations and club policies.

Form Submission/Approvals

Account Balance Inquiries

Club Questions/Concerns

What Can WUSA Do For Your Club?

WUSA can guarantee a smooth experience when creating or managing your club, with a plethora of benefits and aid along the way
  • Your Clubs Community Centre is exclusively for clubs who need a space to host meetings and events

  • WUSA provides each club with reimbursements up to $75 to put towards their club’s activities

  • WUSA Marketing and Communications department aids with free graphic design and marketing support

  • IT department sets you up with Office 365 access so your emails and documents will be secure

  • WUSA works with the university to ensure you can book a wide selection of rooms on campus

  • Access to the university’s audio/video program

  • WUSA works with the Region of Waterloo to allow food at your events

  • WUSA reviews all club activity to ensure coverage from our insurance plan


Rachel Lui

Clubs Manager

WUSA Awards

At the end of the term, seven awards will be given to the most deserving candidates, either a club or a member, who were active in the past year (spring, fall and/or winter). Clubs or individuals must be nominated to be in the running for an award. Clubs or individuals can either nominate themselves or other clubs or individuals. The final decision will be taken by the Internal Administration Committee (IAC). To nominate a person or a group you think deserves this award, read through WUSA Awards.

A Sneak Peek Into WUSA Clubs