Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) is run entirely by undergrads. Here is a visual hierarchy of how decisions are made and how you can call the shots and get involved!

You have the power to start new services, clubs, advocacy priorities, and ultimately direct your student association.


All Waterloo undergrads
(That means you!)

Vote to make changes at the General Meeting. Bring topics to discuss and join the conversation with all undergrads

Board of Directors

Elected students charged with guiding the Executives and making fiscal, ethical, and sustainable decisions for the organization to ensure long-term success. 

Students’ Council

Elected student representatives who ensure that individual student voices make their way to the Executives and inform Council’s decisions, which steer the organization


Your official
student-elected advocates
and change makers

Represent all undergrad students and their issues to the University and government; they also oversee and support all student spaces and the organizations governance, clubs, events, and services