11 08, 2022

Students’ Council Procedures May 2021


Students’ Council is the representative body of the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association, and the By-laws and Policies it is empowered to create operational rules to manage those areas directly overseen by Students’ Council. Examples of Council Procedures include guideline for

11 08, 2022

WUSA Elections and Referenda Procedures – Nov 2022


The Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association governs elections and referenda for the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association. This procedure was passed by the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association’s Board. It governs elections for Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association Director positions, including by-elections for vacancies

11 08, 2022

Board of Directors Procedures


The Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association is constituted as a corporation without share capital under the Ontario Corporations Act, R.S.O. 1990. As with most corporations, the student government maintains a Board of Directors which primarily oversees its financial, legal, human resources,


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