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Food Support Service2022-06-22T15:28:32-04:00
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Run entirely by dedicated student volunteers, this valuable service is confidential. The Food Support Service is a non-profit service that provides confidential assistance and food hampers to members of the UWaterloo community experiencing food insecurity. Providing food and hygiene products, raising awareness of hunger and run unique events to raise food in the community.



Who is Eligible?2022-04-13T15:41:47-04:00

All University of Waterloo undergraduate students, graduate students, staff and faculty who possess an active WatCard are able to access our services.

How many Hampers can I pick up?2022-04-13T15:42:39-04:00

Individuals may pick up a total of four food hampers plus one hygiene hamper per month.

I’ve used up all my hampers this month but am still worried about going hungry, what should I do?2022-04-14T09:19:41-04:00

Please send us an email or refer to the image below for a list of off-campus resources in Waterloo Region that should be able to help you out.

Additional Food Aid Chart

I’m not living in Waterloo but am still in need of support, what should I do?2022-04-14T09:27:01-04:00

Contact us and we’ll help connect you with local supports in your area.

I want to access your service but I’m not sure how, can you provide more information?2022-04-14T09:27:58-04:00

For sure! You can refer to this infographic for more information on accessing our service and current usage statistics.


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