any action that speaks in favor of, recommends, argues for a cause, supports or defends, or pleads on behalf of others.

Advocacy Priorities – WUSA Long Range Plan

We know our members expect us to put our vision front and center. We cannot promise success, but we can commit our effort.

Below we highlight six advocacy themes, this is by no means an exhaustive list. These are the ones we have prioritized based on feedback from our members, Waterloo undergrads, which for us, makes them some of the most meaningful to address. 


Continuing to work with all levels of government and university administration to build more and better housing to deliver safer, affordable housing to Waterloo students. 

International Students

Between regulating tuition frameworks and identifying educational barriers unique to international students, we strive to create a momentous student experience.  

Equity & Accessibility

Identifying barriers to access for all students to ensure full and safe participation in post-secondary education. 


Recognizing and pushing for pragmatic steps the university can take to increase efficiency, increase value, and where possible, decrease fees.

Educational Quality

Understanding campus-wide policy changes and investments that could benefit students, making clear that what is good for student educational outcomes are also good for the university.


Learning, growing, and continuing to make informed decisions based on the learning of navigating through a pandemic 

Meet the Team

Nick Pfeifle


Arya Razmjoo


Melissa Thomas

Director, Communications and Stakeholder Relations

Jill Knight

Manager, Advocacy & Stakeholder Relations

Andrena Lockley-Brown

Manager, Advocacy & Stakeholder Relations

David Kuhn

Stakeholder Relations Officer

Jordan Daniels

Research Analyst

Nathan Ermeta

Research Coordinator

Sam Sawant

Advocacy Specialist

Amrit Khaira

Advocacy Specialist

How can you get Involved?

Research and Consultation

Participate in student research and consultation activities to inform our advocacy efforts.

General Meetings

Shape the direction of the organization, hold the Board of Directors directly accountable, and discuss what’s important to you.

Board Committees

Join a board committee and become involved in solving the issues that resonate with your student experience.