The Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) has nearly 300 student-run clubs, 12 student-run services and we employ over 300 students each year in part-time and co-op positions. To recognize the student leaders and staff members who are outstanding in their roles, there are the WUSA Leadership and Volunteer Awards!

WUSA values teaching quality and awards Waterloo instructors who demonstrate an outstanding contribution to undergraduate student learning with WUSA Teaching Awards.

WUSA Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Awards

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The deadline to endorse your professor is by the second Friday of February.

Description: The Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award is presented every year to professors who have demonstrated an outstanding contribution to undergraduate student learning.

WUSA Leadership Awards

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Description: Recipients of the awards will have demonstrated exemplary leadership skills in various ways at the University of Waterloo and/or in the surrounding community. Winners are recognized at the annual Leadership Awards Banquet on March 22nd, where they will be presented with an award.

WUSA Volunteer Awards

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Nominations can be received throughout the term in which the achievement was made up until two weeks prior to the date of the same term’s Volunteer Appreciation event. Late nominations that miss this deadline will not be considered. Nominations for achievements that take place after this period will be considered for the following term’s awards. For specific dates please visit the Clubs Important Dates page.

Description: At the end of the term, seven awards will be given to the most deserving candidates, either a club or a member.