WUSA Volunteer Awards Winners

Published: Wednesday, April 17, 2024

At the end of every term, WUSA recognizes students who went above and beyond the expectations of the typical operations of their club or volunteer activity as an individual. As always, our clubs and operations would not be possible without our amazing volunteers and student members, and we would like to highlight their contributions.

Thank you for all your hard work, and we can’t wait to see what the new term holds!


  • Winner: Ameen Hussain Aamir (Muslim Students Association) 

As President of the Muslim Student’s Association, Ameen has shown exceptional dedication and leadership skills within this role. He consistently ensures tasks are completed promptly, supports his executive team to alleviate pressure on team members while actively fostering their growth, and prioritizes mentorship and community building by providing services and support, lectures, conferences, and Islam Awareness Weeks each term for the general UW population. His innovative ideas and tireless efforts have elevated the club to new heights as his willingness to listen has make him a pillar of support within the community, and his reliability as a leader has led to the club’s success and exponential growth during his presidency. 

  • Runner Up: Anisha Sasikumar (Women in Pre-Law Club) 

As President of the Women in Pre-Law Club, Anisha’s efforts have significantly improved club operations. As part of her commitment towards her team, club members, and cause, going from Vice-President to President for this term, she spearheaded initiatives aimed at inspiring female-identifying students at the university to pursue careers in law. Through providing networking opportunities, skill-building workshops, mentorship programs, and events meant to foster a community-first environment, Anisha had worked to equip students with the tools needed to succeed in the field of law, leaving a lasting legacy that will inspire future leaders to follow in her footsteps.

  • Runner Up: Thenugaa Rajeswaran (UW Pre-Medical Club) 

As President of the UW Pre-Medical Club, Thenugaa embodies qualities deserving of the WUSA President Award through her exceptional leadership. She has showcased unwavering support and kindness towards members and students alike, creating an environment where everyone feels valued and encouraged. Her organization skills have ensured the smooth execution of their club activities, including her orchestration of the club’s McMaster Medical Students Networking event which provided premed students with crucial insights into the medical school application process. Through her supportive demeanor, and encouraging communication style, Thenugaa significantly contributes to the success and cohesion of the Pre-Med Club, making her a truly deserving recipient.  


  • Winner: Jordan Wilton (Waterloo Environment and Business Society) 

Though she is only in her second year, as the Vice President of Marketing for the Waterloo Environment and Business Society, Jordan is a natural leader as she regularly receives compliments for her ability to lead with confidence, organization, creativity, and kindness. She goes beyond her responsibilities of creating communications material by encouraging her team to take on their passion projects, and continues to be the first to volunteer for any assistance is needed. From leading events, to creating reels and articles interviewing business professionals, her marketing efforts have taken off as their society continues to amass more followers, and her post reaching trademark highs of over 40,000 plays. 

  • Runner Up: Simran Mukkar (Women’s Centre) 

As the Women Centre’s Advocacy Director, Simran is both passionate and incredibly dedicated in her role. She seamlessly integrates her experiences and understanding of other WUSA services to connect students with essential resources, while her dedication to this cause has driven her to explore the implementation of various advocacy-driven projects to the campus community. She actively involves and collaborates with other executives, and fosters collaboration with external organizations to ensure that the Women’s Centre is able to adapt to changing student needs. Simran engagement with the Centre stand out as she continues to volunteer at every opportunity given, exuding a positive demeanor that inspires others, embodying the very spirit of empower and collaboration.  


  • Winner: Sahil Drubra (OCC Don) 

As an Off-Campus Community Don, Sahil exemplifies unwavering dedication to enriching the student-life experience here at the University of Waterloo. With his innate kindness, exceptional organization skills, and remarkable leadership, he has been incredibly proactive in his role to provide support to first year students as he spearheaded initiatives designed to seamlessly integrate new students under his care. His humility and approachability make him a valuable first point of contact for new students. Having cultivated positive relationships with his supervisors, team leaders, and new students, his communication skills combined with his volunteer coordinator abilities has positioned him to be an exemplary off-campus don, and a volunteer truly deserving of this award.

  •  Winner: Andriy Hrabchuk (OUSA General Assembly Delegate) 

As an OUSA General Assembly Delegate, Andriy’s efforts have long surpassed the standard responsibilities expected of those in their roles. They had taken their commitment to the next level, collaborating on rewrites with other authors on the Gender Based Sexual Violence Prevention & Response paper, drawing from personal experiences and peer insights to enhance the document’s impact on multiple communities. Andriy is deeply dedicated to instigating impactful and educational transformation in WUSA Advocacy, demonstrating remarkable abilities in assisting various members of the WUSA Community.  


  • Winner: Sikh Student Association 

The University of Waterloo Sikh Students Association provides spaces on campus for students to learn more about the Sikh religion, history, culture, or the language. By hosting various discussion groups, weekly path sessions, kirtans, guest speakers, Q/A periods and a variety of religious/language classes provided by fellow students, the Sikh Students Association aims to give back to the community, help students progress, and create safe spaces for students to connect. With over 20 events just this term, including their Sikh Awareness Day, Langar for the homeless communities of Waterloo and Kitchener, and Kirtans to name a few, the Sikh Students Association works tirelessly to enhance the student life experience for all students alike. They actively promote awareness, understanding, and dialogue around Sikh culture and identity and by reaching out to students from diverse backgrounds and creating opportunities for interaction and education, SSA contributes to the university’s culture of inclusivity and acceptance. They also provide assistance through study groups, and exam preparation materials to support academic success and personal growth, demonstrating its dedication to the holistic development of its members and the broader university community. 

  • Runner Up: UW Pre-Med Club 

The University of Waterloo Pre-Med Club is committed to fostering academic excellence, professional development, and community engagement through providing support, resources, and networking opportunities to students aspiring to pursue careers in medicine and allied health fields. Holding various events over the semester to provide information on the medical school application process and the MCAT, as well as career panels, workshops, and information sessions into various medical specialties, the UW Pre-Med Club serves to inspire and empower student ambitions with confidence and clarity. With a community that values diversity, equity, and inclusion, UW Pre-Med Club have created an environment where students from all backgrounds feel valued in their efforts and contributions, while its innovative planning in its events and operations are constantly evolving to meet the needs and interests of its members. Through its unique programming, inclusive community building, and commitment to excellence, the UW Pre-Med Club exists to create a meaningful impact with the students they support.  

  • Runner Up: Women in Pre-Law 

Established in 2022, Women in Pre-Law strives to create a space for women across the University of Waterloo to learn and support one another through their pre-law journey. With a diverse range of events, from bracelet making to movie watch parties, grad school application workshops and speaker panels, to board game nights, and even pumpkin painting, they have demonstrated an innovative approach to fostering community engagement and creating a space for students from varying backgrounds to come together. Their inclusive stance welcomes all with even the smallest interest in law to foster a rich tapestry of perspectives and experiences within their community, and this culture of inclusivity is what drives their commitment to amplifying underrepresented voices to celebrate diversity and inspire peers. Their ongoing commitment to women’s empowerment in the field of law has highlighted their dedication to fostering gender equity and creating opportunities for female leadership and advancement to foster a sense of belonging within the UW community. 


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