2024 Annual General Meeting Agenda

Published: Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Meeting Date: 27 March 2024

Meeting Time: 5:00pm ET

Meeting Location: SLC Great Hall – 200 University Avenue West, Waterloo, N2L 3G1 and online. See the event page for call-in link closer to 27 March 2024.

1. Call to Order + Remarks from the Chair

2. Land Acknowledgement

3. Approval of the Agenda

4. Approval of Minutes

5. Special Items:

5.1. Removal of Daniel Wang as Director-Elect (submitted by Anthony Chen)

    • BE IT RESOLVED THAT Daniel Wang is removed from the list of Directors to be ratified, with his empty seat being replaced by procedures from the WUSA bylaws.

5.1 Anthony Chen Notice-of-Motion (Removal of Director-Elect).pdf

Attachments: Election Committee Report on Daniel Wang (pdf) | W24-03-06 Council-Meeting Agenda.pdf

6. Governance & Administrative Items

6.1. Election of the Board of Directors

    • BE IT RESOLVED THAT the following list of individuals, as selected by the 2024 WUSA election, be ratified as Directors of the Corporation for terms lasting from 1 May 2024 to 30 April 2025:
      • Manohar, Merochini
      • Zhu, Jeff
      • Wang, Daniel
      • Jeon, Chevin
      • Ahmed, Sarah
      • Lan, Jay (KMWG)
      • Nguyen, Theresa (Renew)
      • Lee, Emma (Renew)
      • Awan, Fatima
      • Athanasopoulos, Matthew
      • Chaban, Alex (Waterloo United)
      • Pfeifle, Nicholas

6.2. Student Publications Fee

    • BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Student Publications fee be reduced by $1.00 to $5.40 and be reclassified as a compulsory fee.

6.3. Student Life Fee

    • BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Student Life Fee be increased by $1.67 starting the 2024-25 academic year and by $3.00 starting in the 2025-26 academic year for the purpose of improving WUSA’s events programming.

7. Financial Items

7.1. Reception of the Audited Financial Statements for the 2022-23 Fiscal Year

    • BE IT RESOLVED THAT the General Meeting receive the Audited Financial Statements for the 2022-23 Fiscal Year as presented.

7.2. Reappointment of Auditors

    • BE IT RESOLVED THAT PricewaterhouseCoopers be reappointed as the Corporation’s auditors for the 2023-24 Fiscal Year.

Attachments: Federation of Students, University of Waterloo Apr 2022 Audit| Federation of Students, University of Waterloo (Apr 2023) Audit

8. Updates

8.1. Update on Goose Statue

8.2. Update on Recording Studio

8.3. Update on Athletics Fee Report

9. Member-Submitted Items

Items have been listed by the order of their submission. Underlined text indicates a change made for clarity from the text of the member’s original notice-of-motion. 

9.1. Establishment of Interest on Cheque Requests (submitted by Ben Woodward)

    • BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Assembly implements interest on unpaid cheque requests, whereby if WUSA fails to prepare and have ready a cheque for a valid cheque request within two calendar weeks of receiving it, the amount requested compounds biweekly at a rate of 10%. Thereby, WUSA is incentivized to make core operations, such as reimbursement of students, a top priority

9.1. Ben Woodward Notice-of-Motion (Interest on Reimbursements).pdf

9.2. Removal of Requirement from WUSA Clubs Constitutions (submitted by Matthew Kauk)

    • BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Assembly authorizes the board to instruct WUSA Clubs to remove this excerpt, that “an executive can only hold office (any position) for a total of up to three terms,” under the Election Process section of WUSA Club Constitutions.

9.2. Matthew Kauk Notice-of-Motion (Club Constitutions).docx

9.3. Development of Housing Market Resources + Recommendations (submitted by Molly Lu)

    • BE IT RESOLVED THAT WUSA should work with the University to update and expand its housing resources to include the common scams and illegal issues that students face when looking for rental space, living in rented space, and moving out of their rented spaces.
    • BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT WUSA work with the University to jointly develop recommendations to address the systemic issues that students have been facing in the local rental market.

9.3. Molly Lu Notice-of-Motion (Housing).docx

9.4. Establishment of Club Events Calendar (submitted by Justin Gu)

    • BE IT RESOLVED THAT WUSA commits to exploring options for a centralized digital space for students to publish club events through consultation directly with student developers

9.4. Justin Gu Notice-of-Motion (Club Calendar).docx

Attachments: Justin Gu Club Calendar Presentation (.pptx) | Justin Gu Club Calendar Roadmap (.docx)

9.5. Implementation of Coverage for Gender-Affirming Care (submitted by Friday Saleh)

    • BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Assembly directs the Board to take immediate action to amend the future 2024-25 WUSA Health Insurance Plan to include comprehensive coverage for gender-affirming care to address the pressing healthcare needs to transgender and non-binary students.

9.5. Friday Saleh Notice-of-Motion (Gender-Affirming Care).pdf

9.6. General Meeting Support for Method to Address VP Role Vacancy (submitted by Nicholas Pfeifle)

    • BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Assembly supports the incoming Board of Directors in exercising its powers to appoint Arya Razmjoo to an officer position with the general duties of the Vice-President and as a Director of the Board Ex-Officio.

9.6. Nicholas Pfeifle Notice-of-Motion (VP Vacancy).pdf

9.7. Bylaw Amendment to Officer Appointment Procedures (submitted by Nicholas Pfeifle)

    • BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Assembly authorizes Board to instruct the lawyers to amend Section 9 of the By-Laws to read:

9.01 (a) The Directors may elect or appoint, as applicable, the following Officers, each of whom, unless otherwise provided in the By-Laws, shall be elected or appointed at the first meeting of the Board following a Special Meeting, or an Annual Meeting. 

(i) a President and a Vice-President, elected by the Members, who shall be Directors of the Corporation Ex-Officio; 

…(end of amended section)

9.7. Nicholas Pfeifle Notice-of-Motion (Bylaw Amendment).pdf


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