11 03, 2021

Children of Shame


We are birthed of selflessness and sacrifice, Connected by more than just our dinner tables. We

9 03, 2021

The Haunting


He’s a shell of a man, Haunting the halls of childhood memories. He parallels fragments of

4 03, 2021

The Check-list


How badly do I crave stability that I am willing to pull the rug out from

1 03, 2021



Twinkling specs of gold surround me as the night grows longer, Colder. Your subtle secrets pull

19 02, 2021

Ode to my Toes


I wish I could write an ode to my toes, To express my gratitude, For the

1 02, 2021

Midnight Popcorn


August 13th, 2018 On a balcony overlooking Church Street Toronto, Ontario 12:38am For Nicole.  I wonder

27 01, 2021

We Never Met


July 30th, 2018 Dundas Station 10:23pm I only had one headphone in, which is weird for

26 01, 2021

Loving Free Birds


We all meet free birds who land unplanned, Who will gaze into your soul, And make

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