We Never Met

January 27, 2021 ·
1 min read ·

July 30th, 2018
Dundas Station

I only had one headphone in,
which is weird for me.

I am not usually out this late at night alone,
nor would I ever pay to get on a subway three stops from home.
But at this hour,
in this place,
at this moment,
for whatever reason…
I did.

You fell into me when the subway started moving.
You begin a long winded apology.
Your eyes seeing me. 
Time slowed.

You also only had one headphone in.

“You didn’t mean it, it’s okay”.
I wouldn’t usually say anything.

We looked at one another.
I put my phone away,
seeing you.

You took your headphones off.

Two strangers looking at each other,
in a crowded subway,
in silence.

In four minutes,
a lifetime passes,
between Dundas and Bloor-Yonge Station.

We never met each other,
but in another time,
in another place…

Maybe we did.

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