Ode to my Toes

February 19, 2021 ·
1 min read ·

I wish I could write an ode to my toes,
To express my gratitude,
For the places I go.

For always carrying me and propelling me on,
Even before it is even dawn.

I want you to know,
Oh glorious toes,
That without you around,
I could not venture into town.

I could not make the trek to school,
Nor could I stand on a stool.

I appreciate the fact that I can move each digit,
And the fact that my sister hates when you fidget.

I love the fact that you are always there,
And I want you to know just how much I care.

Without you I could not climb,
Which is why I thought about this rhyme.

Thank you for never letting me down.

I know I don’t always notice how hard you work,
So thank you for always wiggling and making me smirk.

Thank you toes,
Now I am off to doze.

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