Loving Free Birds

January 26, 2021 ·
1 min read ·

We all meet free birds who land unplanned,
Who will gaze into your soul,
And make you feel grand.

But the thing about free birds is they follow the
wind, Inevitably leaving you hungry and yearning,
Defeated and hurting.

I firmly believe we are derived from the cosmos,
Meaning that sometimes we are those free birds,
And that this is the life that our souls chose.

How tragic would it be, to be trapped in different corners of the universe,
With planets and oceans in between,
That made your longing worse?

It only makes sense that we continue to search for love,
Hoping to find pieces of ourselves,
That fit us like a glove.

But what if I told you, you were already
whole, and like the sun and the moon,
We dance with pieces of our soul.

You see,
We are all on this journey,
And we will always question if our love is worthy…

So when you meet someone who carries pieces of you,
Surrender yourself to that free bird,
Because however long you have together,
They will always leave you stirred.

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