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WUSA Welcome Week

A week full of fun and free events for undergraduate students that happens every term (Fall, Winter, and Spring) with the intention of welcoming new and returning students back to the University of Waterloo.

A week full of fun

Welcome Week incorporates many diverse types of events to appeal to a variety of interests across the Waterloo student body. Fan-favourite events include Sex Toy Bingo, Warrior Breakfast, and a Carnival.

Seasonal events include outdoor activities like an ice cream social during Spring Welcome Week and ice-skating during Winter Welcome Week.

WUSA Carnival

Fall Welcome Week is the largest of the termly Welcome Weeks and comes right after Orientation Week. The flagship event is a free two-day carnival complete with a Ferris wheel and cotton candy!

Welcome Week is put on by the Campus Life department of your Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association with the help of many enthusiastic student coordinators and volunteers. This year check out a few of our events to kick off the school year and visit us at our booth to enter for a chance to win a trip to anywhere in Canada!