• Wide range of products being put up for auction from different retailers consisting of shopdressr, Sweet dreams, University of Waterloo Store, Light and Ignite, Inky Winky Shop, Gifted Waterloo, Idle and wood co, calming creations inc.
  • UW Humans vs Zombies

    The actual blaster rented will be documented by UW HvZ at the time of rental. In the event the blaster isn't returned within the time frame allocated at the time of sign-out, this deposit will be forfeited. Please purchase as many deposits as are required for the value of the rental when you pick up your rental (the rent value will always be a multiple of 10).   Please purchase as many products as you wish to obtain (5 darts for every $1 spent, prices subject to change — you can confirm when picking up darts). - Non-refundable
  • Purchasing ACS swag goes towards funding all of the fun events the ACS has planned this term!

  • This is the mathNEWS Anothology for Winter 2024 (volume 154): a collection of all 6 world-changing issues of mathNEWS v154, bounded in a cover with all-new full-color art, all safely preserved for future generations. Become a part of history and pick up an Anthology today!


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