Introducing our Legal Lounge Navy Blue Crewneck – the ultimate comfort companion for future legal warriors, all while supporting your Moot club in style! Crafted for the study sprints, the courtroom rehearsals, and those much-needed hangouts!

Made from the comfiest fabric this side of the library, our crewneck is the go-to attire for marathon study sessions and casual gatherings alike. The sleek navy blue colour exudes both professionalism and playfulness, while showing off a sleek and minimalist Moot logo – perfect for balancing your academic hustle with a dash of personality.

And here’s the best part: every purchase supports your moot club, helping to fund those crucial competitions and events that sharpen your legal skills and build lifelong connections.

So, whether you’re prepping for your next moot cup or just need to look sharp for that coffee run between classes, our Navy Blue Crewneck is your ticket to comfort, style, and supporting your moot club mission.