Winter 2024 Term Recap

Published: Thursday, April 25, 2024

The winter 2024 term is finally wrapping up and we hope you had a fun and engaging term! As we look ahead to the upcoming term, we want to host a quick ICYMI (in case you missed it), to get you up to speed with the latest happenings at the heart of student life!  

From impactful advocacy campaigns to exciting events, this term was full of student leadership, innovation, and engagement! 


Welcome Week 

The Winter Welcome Week was a huge hit as expected! We started the week strong with Pancake Brunch and Trivia Night and ended off the week with Warriors on Ice! A special mention to New Year’s Eve 2.0, a new event we piloted this term! Students could not help but rave about the event.

Clubs & Societies Days 

Like our Welcome Week, we also hosted our termly Clubs and Societies Days, with many WUSA clubs joining us over two days! Student representatives from the different clubs hosted booths in the SLC, encouraging students to find their passions and explore their interests. SLC was bustling with students who learned more about clubs on campus!  

WUSA Elections: Candidate Meet and Greet 

Being engaged in student governance is important and we want undergrad students to know who their student representatives will be! As we headed into the voting period, we wanted students to make informed choices on who they vote for, while allowing our awesome candidates to get a chance to meet with voters and share their platform! Many students turned out for the event and got a chance to talk to the candidates about any questions and concerns they may have had.  


Black History Month 

Every February, we recognize Black History Month and in partnership with RAISE, we hosted several events and informative sessions for students to learn more about Black history! We hosted events like Anti-Racism & Conversations and shared opportunities like the History Anti-Racism Taskforce (HART) Book Club throughout the month. We saw students have a chance to learn, reflect, and come away with important lessons.   

WUSA Elections 

After many weeks of dedicated campaigning WUSA members headed to the voting booths to decide the next Board of Directors. The voter turnout for this election was 25.127%, with 8876 of 35 325 eligible voters!  

This was the highest number of voters in WUSA history! It shows we care deeply about our community and we’re ready to take an active role in its direction and leadership. You can view the complete details of the election here 

Snow Tubing @ Chicopee 

Students were working hard on their assignments and studying for their upcoming midterms. To bring a change to the pace of things, WUSA hosted a trip to Chicopee for a fun night of snow tubing! Students had the time of their lives and we were thrilled to see the elated faces of students as many look a turn down memory lane, while others got a chance to enjoy the activity for the very first time! 


Cultural Caravan 

The Cultural Caravan made a comeback in 2024 with new and exciting performances from our student community. The stage was filled with talent, passion, and beautiful performances, ranging from singing to dancing! It reinforced the uniqueness and diversity of our student community while giving students a platform to unleash their talents and have a great time! Missed it? Watch the livestream here on our YouTube channel. 

Annual General Meeting 

Every year, WUSA conducts holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM). This AGM involved a motion to develop more housing resources, alongside the motions for a centralized digital space for students to access club information and comprehensive coverage for gender-affirming care in the 2024-25 WUSA Health Insurance plan. This meeting also saw the ratification of the newly elected board members. You can learn more about what was discussed at this year’s AGM here. 

OUSA General Assembly 

WUSA participated in another productive General Assembly (GA) hosted by McMaster. 12 WUSA delegates joined other OUSA delegations for four days of deliberations and approval of student-authored policy papers, which included the topics of addressing racism & religious discrimination, gender-based and sexual violence, and international students and international education. These papers advocate for the concerns and perspectives of 160,000 students throughout Ontario.  


Elmira Maple Syrup Festival 

On April 6th, in partnership with the International and Canadian Student Network (ICSN), students got a chance to head to the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival. Many students came out to the event and got a chance to immerse in the local culture and try out some Canadian delicacies. 

Housing Playbook 

April marked the launch of the WUSA Housing Playbook to support undergraduate students in navigating housing and tenancy. This all-encompassing guide offers valuable insights into different facets of student housing, including locating suitable accommodations, comprehending rental agreements, understanding tenant rights, resolving typical housing challenges, and campus living. To learn more about the playbook, click here 

Blue Jays Night Out: Home Opener 

As students started exam season, we knew a break from studying would be welcomed. Many students who came out to cheer on the Toronto Blue Jays against the Settle Mariners. The cheering helped the Jays come out victorious and students had a thrilling night in Toronto with their Waterloo friends! 

And that’s a wrap!

We had a blast this term and we hope you did too, whether you were on a co-op term or an academic term!  

If you missed out on some of these fun events, don’t worry! We’ve got more fun and exciting events coming up in the summer! Stay tuned to our Instagram and events website for what’s coming up. We can’t wait to see you! 


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