2024 Annual General Meeting: Recap

Published: Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Hi all!  

Here’s a recap of what happened at last week’s Annual General Meeting! If you’re looking to watch the meeting, you can find a recording of the livestream on our YouTube channel. The audio improves after the first half-hour.    

✍️ Member Submitted Motions 

  • Daniel Wang was removed as Director-Elect. This motion passed by secret ballot.  
  • The motion to remove a term limit for WUSA Clubs’ presidents failed, meaning the three-term limit is still in place.  
  • The motion to develop Housing Market Resources passed, and WUSA will continue to work with the University to expand housing resources for students and develop recommendations to address common issues faced by student tenants.  
    • Check out our recently launched Housing Playbook that’s full of resources and supports to help you navigate being a tenant. 
  • You can also look forward to a new Clubs Calendar! The motion for WUSA to explore options for a centralized digital space for students passed 
  • The motion to provide comprehensive coverage for gender-affirming care passed. This will be added to the 2024-25 WUSA Health Insurance plan so we can ensure the plan reflects the healthcare needs of all our students.  
  • The motion to support the incoming Board’s decision to appoint Arya Razmajoo to an officer position with the general duties of the VP and as a Director of the Board Ex-Officio passed, meaning the current or incoming Board may make the decision to appoint him.  
  • Finally, a motion to amend Section 9 of the By-Laws passed. This amendment means Directors can elect or appoint a President and a Vice-President to be Directors of the Corporation Ex-Officio at the first meeting of the Board following a Special Meeting or an Annual Meeting.  

👥 Ratification of the Incoming Board of Directors 

This item ratified the list of incoming directors. This is officially your WUSA Board of Directors for the 2024-25 year:  

  • Manohar, Merochini 
  • Zhu, Jeff 
  • Jeon, Chevin 
  • Ahmed, Sarah 
  • Lan, Jay (KWMG) 
  • Nguyen, Theresa (Renew) 
  • Lee, Emma (Renew) 
  • Awan, Fatima 
  • Athanasopoulos, Matthew 
  • Chaban, Alex  
  • Pfeifle, Nicholas  

📋Administrative Items 

  • Review of the audited financial statement for fiscal year 2022-23. The full financial statement can be found here.  
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers reappointed as WUSA’s auditors for another year. 

Thank you to all the students who came out in-person or online to make this year’s Annual General Meeting a success. 🥳

The full agenda with updates on what happened can be found here: – 2024 Annual General Meeting Live Agenda -.docx (sharepoint.com) 

An update on the member-submitted items from last year can be found here: Updates on 2023 AGM Member Submitted Items.pdf 


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