February 28, 2020 ·
1 min read ·

he was always so thin and tried to act tough but his knees crooked inwards and his back caved when he cried, “I love you”,
it wasn’t enough.

i took his hands into mine as if holding my prized possession
he is mine;
to have, to hold, whatever
so he must be mine; to hurt, to harm,
my treasure.

i take him and i tease him with life as i wrap his hands around my neck i laugh and
i laugh because he couldn’t have known, it is too late yet too soon for him to turn back.

our love is forceful and it is a battle from within and lucky for me, he was always so thin.

i take the words out of his mouth
“i love you”, oh please
spare me that dreadful dream you lead…

i crush his hands into a million pieces for ever touching me
he is mine to crush, he belongs to me.

as i take his neck into my embrace i feel the release of my one last possession.
the breath of his life is leaving me and his breath i will chase because

even as i take his life i see my own drain from his eyes
god he’s so thin

he crumbles right below me, too easy.
im not crazy i swear, i guess there’s a fine line,
but he tried to take from me what is mine

he, my prized possession, is released from a life of sin and i will go to no ends to follow him.

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