The Gloomius Day

Created by Brenda Li

‘Tis a gloomius day with racshack clouds

The squawkety squacks are chattering loud

And rochety rats are rochiting grounds

Large droplets of glim have floppen around

And breathen is thick with flovenly shtick


Oh gloomius day! Oh hoobahoolay!

My roofer is shmoot with squackity stay

My neater is seater – no, nay, such flay!

Drab droplets of glim have gloomid its rim

I hate this day!

Don’t make it stay!

Make this hoobahoolay dissatoday!


My grampa came in to fixin my skin

He said,

Dear robber, don’t fret your dream drobber

The squawkers may stay, but listen-to they!

Such smittering songs of miusfull glamour

The freshen and air is fresher thannaire

Your pupper has jupper and jubilivee


And soon I realize,

Such gloomius day

Is indeed – a gloomius day

Not so hoobahoolay

And so I, the robber, with previous flay

Got out, went out, poppered outside to stay

And so, it goes:


‘Twas a gloomius day with racshack clouds

The squawkety squacks were chattering loud

And rotchety rats were rochiting grounds

Large droplets of glim had floppen around

And breathen was thick with flovenly shtick


And it was a glorious day.

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