• Wide range of products being put up for auction from different retailers consisting of shopdressr, Sweet dreams, University of Waterloo Store, Light and Ignite, Inky Winky Shop, Gifted Waterloo, Idle and wood co, calming creations inc.
  • The Knowledge Integration Student Society (KISS) is selling Uptown Waterloo's very own Crumby Cookie Dough at $5 per cup!! You can choose between 4 flavour options: 1. Obligatory Chocolate Chip (chocolate chip cookie dough) 2. Obligatory Chocolate Chip (vegan chocolate chip cookie dough) 3. It's a Shindig! (vanilla dough and cake, sprinkles) 4. Material Squirrel (peanut butter dough, peanuts, toffee, cookie pieces) *PLEASE NOTE: One of the available flavours (Material Squirrel) does contain peanuts, and although portions are individually packaged and carefully handled, all of the cookie dough is manufactured in the same facility where common allergens are present, so any portion may contain traces of these allergens. **There are also vegan and gluten-free alternatives available for the Obligatory Chocolate Chip option. The product pick-up date will be the week after the Winter Reading week in the Environment Student Lounge in EV1. After your purchase, you will be informed of the exact date and time!


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