General Meeting Recap

Published: Monday, March 27, 2023

WUSA’s 2023 General Meeting was held on Tuesday, March 21st. Several important matters such as governance changes, the Athletics fee, the Goose Statue, and more were discussed.  

Didn’t have a chance to attend? Read below to see what you missed! 

  • Undergraduates holding officer positions will now be able to complete their term of office after graduation and WUSA will not be allowed to join any external organization whose by-laws override WUSA’s. It has also been approved that the Board will now be able to remove a director with a 3/4th majority.  
  • WUSA will develop resources to assist members in dealing with potential barriers related to complex terminologies and procedures.  
  • In addition, a publicly released report will provide details regarding the Athletics fee and its value to students.  
  • The feasibility of creating an on-campus space for an audio recording studio at either no or minimal cost will be investigated by WUSA.  
  • The motion to study the effects of video lecturing on student outcomes and to direct professors to more effective modes of teaching was rejected as there are several ongoing efforts within the University to do the same.  
  • The motion to reduce the number of morning classes was also rejected as it was argued that morning classes prepare students for life outside of school and culminate time management skills.  
  • An update on the Goose Statue detailed that a potential artist has been found and the location of the statue will soon be determined. The statue currently has an estimated cost of $33,000, and both alumni and the University will be contacted to provide partial funding. WUSA will keep members updated on the progress of the statue as we know this is a hot topic amongst our members.  
  • Updates on governance changes include the formation of a single governing body – the Board. Further promotion of faculty representation on the Board will be implemented.  
  • A WUSA impact report will be published for students to recognize what has been achieved and worked on so far.  
  • The roadmap, which describes the Board’s goals, as well as the draft Board policy, which members are encouraged to review and send feedback, are currently on the website.  

That’s a wrap on the 2023 General Meeting! Thank you to the 111 students who attended, the 31 students who pre-voted via proxies, and our Board for making this year’s WUSA annual general meeting a success!  


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