ERO Clears Senate Candidate of Allegations

Published: Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The Election and Referenda Officer (ERO) cleared Senate candidate Jordan Bauman of allegations regarding election misconduct during the 2024-25 election. The complaint was submitted on February 15, 2024, by Labibah Salim. The complaint was based on an alleged violation of the Elections and Referenda Procedure (ERP) section 6.5 which forbids candidates from directly providing a method of voting to voters and campaigning to voters while they are voting, and section 2.3 f) which forbids aggressive campaigning, harassment, or otherwise engaging in behaviour that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwanted by any other individual.

The complainant, Salim, stated that Bauman engaged in a discussion with a group of students that made them feel uncomfortable. The incident allegedly occurred when Bauman approached a group of students in SLC to ask for their votes. Bauman defended himself by explaining he was simply engaging in a conversation with the students to discuss his candidacy for the Science senator position. Bauman claimed these students requested he sign a petition regarding the University of Waterloo’s ties with Israeli universities. This led to a broader discussion about Israel and Palestine, during which Bauman claims he maintained a balanced approach. There were also concerns about a QR code provided by Bauman that linked to the site. Bauman responded by saying he did not coerce anyone to vote for him and did not campaign while individuals were voting. No further evidence was provided by Salim regarding this allegation. Bauman stated he was not aware if anyone was voting for him during the time of their conversation. The ERO’s investigation into the complaint reviewed the evidence presented by Salim and the counterevidence and defense provided by Bauman.

After a discussion with both parties and a thorough review into the evidence presented, the ERO found that the allegations lacked substantial evidence and the business card provided to voters was approved by the ERO and was provided in good faith.

Both parties have been informed of their right to appeal.

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Election results can be found at 2024-25 WUSA Election Results: Empowering Our Student Culture – Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association.


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