2024-25 WUSA Election Results: Empowering Our Student Culture

Published: Thursday, February 15, 2024

Hey Waterloo Undergrads! That’s a wrap on the 2024-25 WUSA Election for our Board of Directors and Senate positions. A heartfelt thank you to each and every undergraduate – the true owners of WUSA – who took the time to vote, run as candidates, or support the election process in a myriad of ways. Your involvement has transformed this election from a routine event into a powerful expression of student voice and democracy on our campus.  

The voter turnout for this election was 25.127%, 8876 of 35 325 eligible voters. This is the highest number of voters in WUSA history, and it sends a clear message: we care deeply about our community and are ready to take an active role in its direction and leadership! 

It’s time to meet your new Board of Directors!  


  • Pfeifle, Nick – President 
  • Vacant – Vice President 


  • Manohar, Merochini 
  • Zhu, Jeff (Waterloo United) 
  • Wang, Daniel 
  • Jeon, Chevin 
  • Ahmed, Sarah 
  • Lan, Jay (KMWG) 
  • Nguyen, Theresa (Renew) 
  • Lee, Emma (Renew) 
  • Awan, Fatima 
  • Athanasopoulos, Matthew 
  • Chaban, Alex (Waterloo United) 

Arts Senator (2-year position)

  • Chang, Andrew

Environment Senator (2-year position)

  • Traynor, Katie (Waterloo United)

Science Senators (2-year position)

  • Bauman, Jordan

Health Senator (1-year position)

  • Akkerman, Avery Oland (Waterloo United)

At-Large Senator (1 year position)

  • Ahmed, Bilal

The vacancy in the Vice President position presents a unique opportunity. It’s a reminder that our work in building a vibrant, engaged student government is ongoing. The Board will be determining next steps to ensure coverage of the responsibilities in the Vice President portfolio.  Details on this next step will be communicated via our website once a direction has been finalized, so stay tuned!  

Once again, thank you to everyone who made their voice heard in this election. Your vote was a step towards shaping a more inclusive, vibrant, and engaged Waterloo. The results of this election, while still awaiting official confirmation, already speak volumes about our collective desire for a more involved and responsive student government. This is how you continuously reform WUSA to meet the changing demands of being a student at Waterloo.  

Together, we are making a difference. Let’s continue to be the change we wish to see at Waterloo. 

The full election results report can be found below:

Continue to exercise your right to vote on all things WUSA by attending the upcoming General Meeting on March 27th!  

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*Note that these results are unofficial, pending the receipt and approval of the elections results either by the current Board of Directors or at the next General meeting* 



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