Consent Culture Calendar

Submission Requirements

We are collecting submissions for the 2023 Consent Calendar until October 31st.

A Contest Centered Around Consent and Healthy Relationships

This year’s theme centers around consent and healthy relationships. Explore the various aspects of consent, such as communication, respect, boundaries, and empowerment, and use these concepts to inspire your artwork.

Consider the following themes for creative inspiration:

  • Building Consent Culture
  • Inspiring Hope and Healing
  • Providing Community Care 
  • Supporting Others & Myself

Create your masterpiece

Let your imagination run wild and create an original piece of art that expresses your interpretation of consent. You can choose any medium that suits your artistic style, whether it’s painting, drawing, digital art, sculpture, or mixed media. The possibilities are endless! 

Remember, your artwork has the power to make a difference and inspire change. By participating in the Consent Week Art Contest, you are contributing to the creation of a more inclusive and respectful campus culture. 

So, unleash your artistic skills and let your voice be heard through your art. Together, let’s raise awareness, foster understanding, and promote a culture of consent. Enter the contest today and be a part of this inspiring movement! 


Submission Guidelines

Take a high-quality photo/scan of your artwork or submit using the drop box section. Ensure that it clearly represents your creation and captures its essence. Fill out the submission form provided on our website, including your personal details and a brief artist statement explaining the inspiration behind your piece. 

Review the rubric for more details.

Voting Explanation

The winners of the art contest will be determined through an assessment process utilizing a rubric that incorporates specific criteria. This rubric ensures transparency and consistency in judging the submissions. 

The rubric will include the following criteria: 

  • Explanation Behind the Piece (Limit 150-200 words): This criterion assesses the clarity and depth of the artist’s explanation of their artwork. Judges will look for a thoughtful and concise description that effectively conveys the inspiration, meaning, and connection to the theme of consent. Artists will be encouraged to provide a compelling narrative that enhances the viewers’ understanding and engagement with the artwork. 
  • Submission Criteria: This criterion evaluates technical aspects of the submission, such as adherence to submission guidelines, file quality, and clarity. Artists will be expected to meet the specified requirements to ensure fair evaluation and consistency in reviewing the submissions. 
  • Alignment with Theme: This criterion examines how well the artwork reflects and interprets the theme of consent. Judges will consider the clarity, relevance, and creativity with which the concept of consent is conveyed through the artistic expression. Artworks that effectively capture the essence of consent and provoke meaningful reflections will score higher in this category. 
  • Overall Impression/ “Fan Choice”: This criterion takes into account the overall impact and impression of the artwork on the judges and viewers. It encompasses the visual appeal, artistic technique, creativity, and emotional resonance of the piece. Additionally, a designated number of months in the calendar will be reserved for “People’s Choice.” This means that a group of students will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite artworks among the entries, providing an inclusive element where the preferences of the student community are considered. 

By utilizing this rubric, the judging process ensures a comprehensive evaluation of each artwork based on a range of criteria. It combines objective assessment of technical aspects, alignment with the theme, and subjective appreciation of the overall impact. The incorporation of “People’s Choice” months further engages the student community, giving them a voice in selecting artworks that resonate with them. 

Through this balanced approach, the art contest aims to recognize exceptional pieces that effectively communicate the message of consent while also valuing the perspectives and preferences of the students. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The art contest is open to all undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo. We encourage students from all disciplines and artistic backgrounds to participate and share their unique perspectives on consent.

The theme of the art contest is centered around consent. We encourage artists to explore various aspects of consent, such as communication, respect, boundaries, empowerment, and personal experiences related to consent. We are looking for art submissions to focus on:

· Building Consent Culture

· Inspiring Hope and Healing

· Providing Community Care

· Supporting others and myself

This year, we are specifically accepting online format submissions in the form of digital illustrations, photography, or short poems (with a maximum of 75 words). We encourage artists to showcase their unique perspectives and original creations in these formats.

For digital illustrations, we recommend a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) to ensure high-quality reproduction. Photographs should also be submitted at 300 dpi for optimal clarity and detail. Please note that specific sizes and specifications for website display will be provided closer to the submission deadline.

If you choose to submit a short poem, our graphic designers will work to create a visually appealing background that complements your words and maintains a consistent design aesthetic throughout the collection.

We value the importance of originality and personal expression. While repurposing existing artwork is acceptable, we encourage artists to infuse their submissions with their own unique style and perspectives. This ensures that each entry is distinctive, engaging, and reflective of the artist’s creativity.

We look forward to receiving your submissions, whether they are digital illustrations, photographs, or thoughtfully crafted poems. Let your artistic voice shine through and contribute to our collective celebration of consent awareness.

To submit your artwork, please use the drop box link here. Ensure that you follow the submission guidelines, including the required information, image specifications, and a brief artist statement explaining the inspiration behind your piece.

The winners will be selected through a judging process that utilizes a rubric comprising criteria such as the explanation behind the piece, adherence to the theme, submission criteria, and overall impression.

Additionally, a designated number of months in the calendar will be reserved for “People’s Choice,” where students will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite artworks among the entries.

If your artwork is selected, it will be featured in the Consent Week Art Calendar. Selected artists will receive notification regarding their inclusion in the calendar and further instructions regarding any additional steps or requirements.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the Consent Week Art Contest, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or visit our website for more information. We look forward to receiving your creative submissions!

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