Bella’s Top 5 Turnkey Services

Published: Thursday, February 9, 2023
Bella's Top 5 Turnkey Services

Written By: Bella McKenzie

Hi, Warriors! My name is Bella and I’m the Communications Coordinator at WUSA. As an upper year student at UW, I’m always looking for ways to make my school life easier and more fun. To do this, I often go to the Turnkey Desk to use their 24/7 services!  

Here are my Top 5 Turnkey Desk services:

1. Buy or Refill PRESTO Cards

I’m from Toronto so I need a convenient place to refill my PRESTO card so I can take the GO bus or GO train home. The Turnkey Desk is my go-to place to do this!


2. Rent a Board Game

Rent your pick of over 70 boardgames! Why spend money on boardgames you don’t know if you’ll like, when you can take out a board game with your WAT card from the Turnkey Desk for free! Just keep in mind, they can only be used in the SLC building. 


3. Book a Study Room

Since libraries can get full quickly, and I find it difficult to study at home, I like to book a study room in the SLC at the Turnkey Desk. It’s perfect for working on group projects in privacy or having quiet study time. If you book at least a day in advance, you may book up to 3 hours! 


4. In-person and Online Customer Service

Another one of my favourite things about the Turnkey Desk is their kind customer service in-person and online.

Their online service I use often is the
live chat. I chat to a Turnkey staff member, live, and they help answer any questions I have about Turnkey, WUSA, campus, and the community. They also have a very quick response time

To access the live chat feature, go to:


5. Open 24/7

The Turnkey Desk is open 24/7! Whether you need to check their lost and found, or you need first aid, Turnkey is available 24/7/365.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Turnkey Desk has been open since 1968? 


Those are all my faves! To learn more about the Turnkey Desk, click here or visit the WUSA 101 article about the Turnkey Desk. 


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