Segmented images of award winners and leaderhip awards night

Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA, previously known as Feds), the Graduate Student Association (GSA), and the Office of the President (OTP) are recognizing student leaders at the University of Waterloo through the President, WUSA, and GSA Leadership Awards. Recipients of the awards will have demonstrated exemplary leadership skills in various ways at the University of Waterloo and/or in the surrounding community.

Winners are recognized at the annual Presidents' Leadership Awards Banquet where they will be presented with an award. Successful nominees and their nominators will be invited to attend the event where they will have an opportunity to connect with the WUSA Executives, GSA Executives, and prestigious guests from the University.

Nominations and Criteria

Depending on eligibility, student leaders may be nominated for the following awards:

WUSA Undergraduate Student Leadership Awards:

Awards up to ten Waterloo undergraduate students. Applicants will be reviewed to determine if the individual falls within the scope of one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Is an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo;
  2. Leadership in a student leadership position(s) in the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association;
  3. Service to the undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo;
  4. Involvement and contributions to undergraduate student life within the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association and at the University of Waterloo.

Presidents' Student Leadership Awards:

Awards one undergraduate and one graduate student which are chosen from the nominees of the WUSA and GSA awards. Undergraduate applicants will be reviewed will be reviewed to determine if the individual meets the following criteria:

  1. Must be a Waterloo undergraduate student;
  2. Granted in recognition of outstanding leadership, volunteer service, contribution and/or special achievement in co-curricular activities;
  3. Leadership marker by outstanding efforts, or innovative actions;
  4. Demonstrates excellence in commitment to the UWaterloo community;
  5. Inspires and encourages the personal and professional development of others.

You will be able to indicate if you’d like your nominee to be considered for this award in addition to the WUSA award on the nomination form

Past Recipients

Past winners of the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association Leadership Awards!


Abbie Simpson
Caroline Dack
John Hunte
Connor Plante
Daria Kondrateva
Elizabeth Pezzutto
Jason Small
Kyera Mapp
Quin Millard
Maya Venters


Michael Brock Li
Alex Lee
Akshay Jogoo
Kelsey-Ann Prior
Munaza Saleem
Fiqir Mequenent Worku
Mikaela Quinlyn Ney
Christopher Marcotte
Mohamed Moussa
Jimmy Quach


Katie Arnold
Cai de Ridder
Anna Liang
Tristan Potter
Savannah Richardson
Christina Sandajan
Cristian Vishnu Mustatea
Bailee Walls-Guertin
Michelle Wong
Alexander (AJ) Wray
Danielle Burt


Danielle Burt
Reba Nauth
Jill Knight
Nicole Vanderleest
Tatiana Portelli-Graham
Cody Hutt
Saad Ahmad
Abdullah Barakat
Sacha Forstner
Kaitlyn Yong


Melanie Osmond
Joel Le Forestier
Fatema Boxwala
Nadia Gilani
Ana Krstanovic
Zainab Mahmood
Nefisa Ansong
Brandon Gaffoor


Gerry Zhang
Allyson Francis
Elizabeth McFaul
Jesse McGinnis
Paula Colaso
Prateeksha Ravi
Deanna Priori
Mike Cimetta
Matt McLean
Laura Zhang


Cate Flanagan
Chris Lolas
Zac Hogg
Judy Truong
Sean Hunt
Vanessa Alumbo
Krystin Scheels


Mujeeb Duranai
Alessia Danelon
Rob Savoy
Saleema Bhaidani
Jessica Kumordzie
Kristen Leal
Mujtaba Arshad
Jacky Au Duong
Andrew Fisher


Christina Romualdo
Jeff Bunn
Fatma Avci
AM Begin
Cailin Hillier
Jon Cluett
Phyllis Ho
Andre Magalhaes


Nizar Hasan
Darcy Alemany
Piraveena Tharmalingam
Michael Seliske
Sarah Thompson


Jeffrey Baer
Brittany Boilard
Cat Hay
Kieng Iv
Anna Katsios
Diane Kishi
Christine Lu
Theresa Power
Jay Shah
Hayden Tay


Mona Anton
Sam Andrey
Greg Cartmell
Monica Chamberland
Sarah Cook
Caustan De Riggs
Reemah Khalid
Chris Neal
Nicholas Terwoord
Calvin Weekes
Danielle Woon


Allan Babor
Rob Blom
Renjie Butalid
Caitlin Cull
Steve Hayle
Matt Heppler
Ross Ricupero
Mike Spendlove
Kristin Valles
Claire Van Nierop


Drew Adams
Rob Allie
Rebecca Baxter
Jen Carroll
Kate Daley
Greg Fitzgerald
Darcy Higgins
Andrea Murphy
Racquel Passley
Rajat Suri


Haruka Shoji
Graeme Baer
Nick Lawler
Heather Anderson
Karim Lallani
Michael Tersigni
Donna Craig
Sabrina Bowman
Sarah Lewis
Samir Patel