WUSA Roundtable Tomorrow!

Published: Monday, November 13, 2023

Event update!  

The mid-term season is finally over, and we hope that everyone is doing well and is taking a much-deserved break.  

WUSA acknowledges that there have been recent situations which must have affected students. To tackle this, WUSA gas arranged an event which allows the students to talk to the Board of Directors and support staff directly to get an understanding on how the organizations works and ask any questions you’d like to.  

As you all know, WUSA`s mission statement is to serve, empower, and represent the undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo and they are trying to do just that by having this roundtable. This is a space for all students to share and learn. 

This event not only gives students the opportunity to connect with the student leaders who provide direction to WUSA, but also allows them to learn what WUSA is doing currently and how they are dealing with important issues that affect all of us. Your insights and questions are what make these events truly valuable – we’re looking forward to hearing from you! 

Students are encouraged to learn more about WUSA and how it works so that we can work together to bring your feedback back to the board table in the most productive way possible.  

This event is taking place November 14 in the SLC Black and Gold room. This event will take place from 5-6:30 pm. Wraps, cookies and drinks will be served with most common dietary needs automatically met. If you are gluten-free, please speak to an event organizer when you get there.  

It is a free event, you can register online with questions about WUSA ahead of time, but you are welcome to drop by the event without registering.  

WUSA encourages all of you to attend and would love to see you there!  


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