WUSA Rebate for the GRT Strike

Published: Friday, July 14, 2023

Students can expect refunds from May’s GRT strike in their Quest accounts, according to Rory Norris, President of the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association. 

All GRT bus drivers, including Mobility Plus Bus, mechanics and dispatchers were on strike for ten days in May 2023 and resumed service on May 11, 2023. 

Based on the WUSA GRT UPass agreement, Grand River Transit will provide a refund to WUSA based on the current UPass fee divided by the number of days in the spring 2023 term, times the number of full days of lost service. 

 Members who have not opted out of UPass will receive a small rebate of $8.70 to their Quest account for those lost 10 days of service. That is 7.7% of the overall fee. 

 WUSA has advocated on the behalf of our members (Waterloo undergrads) by swiftly meeting with and writing letters to GRT recognizing how much of a vital contribution students make to Grand River Transit on a termly basis and requesting they consider increasing the rebate to students. Our requests have been unmet at this time, but we will continue negotiations on our members’ behalf. 

 If you have questions about this partial refund or any WUSA fees. Please email Rory Norris, WUSA President at pres@wusa.ca.  



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