WUSA Election: Results Announcement

Published: Friday, February 17, 2023

That’s a wrap on the WUSA General Election. The results are in and it’s time to announce the student representatives you’ve chosen to represent you for the Spring 2023-Winter 2024 terms.  

*Note: These results are unofficial pending the receipt and approval of the elections results either by the current Board of Directors or at the upcoming General Meeting in March. 

WUSA Board of Directors (Spring 2023, Winter 2024) 


Rory Norris, President  

Katie Traynor, Vice President  


Amanda Adam, Faculty of Science 

Matthew Athanasopoulos, Faculty of Engineering 

Alexander Chaban, Faculty of Environment  

Ahmed Elmahi, Faculty of Health 

Ailin Jalili, Faculty of Health 

Chevin Jeon, Faculty of Mathematics 

Jay (Blue Jay) Lan, Faculty of Mathematics 

Anshul Ruhil, Faculty of Mathematics 

Tham Sivakumaran, Faculty of Arts 

Stephanie Ye-Mowe, Faculty of Environment  

Jeff Zhu, Faculty of Engineering 

The voter turnout for this election was 3.28% of the 35,160 of the number of eligible voters. 

For more information on the incoming Board of Directors, visit wusa.ca. 

We’d like to thank everyone who got involved in the election, whether you voted, ran as a candidate, or helped to make this entire election possible! 

For more information about the WUSA general elections, visit vote.wusa.ca. 

2023 General Election Results


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