WUSA Election: Candidate Reveal

Friday, February 3, 2023

What are some of the issues that are impacting your university experience? Here’s your chance to meet the candidates and ask them questions on matters that are important to you! 

The WUSA General Election campaign period began on Monday, January 30th. Learn about the student representative candidates looking to advocate on your behalf. 

UWaterloo students will start to see various posts online or posters around campus for the candidates vying for their votes during the voting period of February 13th-15th. 

Two events have taken place so far. If you haven’t had a chance to attend, here are the links to view them:
Reddit: WUSA Elections – Board of Directors Candidate AMA

Here is the complete list of candidates running for the student representative positions. 

President (1 position, 1 candidate): 

  • Rory Norris 

Vice President (1 position, 1 candidate): 

  • Katie Traynor 

Director (11 positions, 23 candidates): 

  • Ahmed Elmahi 
  • Alexander Chaban 
  • Amanda Adam 
  • Anshul Ruhil 
  • Awab Qureshi 
  • Chaya Mamer 
  • Chevin Jeon 
  • Daud Khan 
  • Evan Chard 
  • Jeff Zhu 
  • Jay Lan 
  • Matthew Konstantinos Athanasopoulos 
  • Mckinley Leonard 
  • Orna Charles 
  • Vedant Grover 
  • Viswanath Praveen 
  • Ailin Jalili 
  • Dami Awoleye 
  • Ivan La 
  • Stephanie Ye-Mowe 
  • Tham Sivakumaran 
  • Vince Carungcong 
  • Rania Datoo 

Engineering Undergraduate Senate – 2nd Year (1 position, 1 candidate):

  • Asher Scaini

Math Undergraduate Senate – 2nd Year (1 position, 1 candidate):

  • Catherine Dong

At-Large Undergraduate Senate – 2nd Year (1 position, 1 candidate):

  • Rida Sayed

Click here to view the candidate profiles. 

Check out our upcoming election events and don’t forget voting begins on February 13th! 


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