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WUSA 101: Meet Your WUSA Executives!

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

WUSA 101 is a new initiative to help you stay up to date and learn exactly what WUSA does to support your everyday life at the University of Waterloo.

To kick off this series, we would like to get you better acquainted with your Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) Executive Team. They are currently hard at work on executing their Executive Action Plan (2021-2022) while staying on track to satisfy WUSA’s long-range strategic goals.

We would like to introduce you to your:


Name: Benjamin Easton (he/him)

Year and Area of Study: 5th year student in Honours Economics (Co-op) with a French Minor

Contact Information: pres@wusa.ca | +1 (226) 499-6564 | @yourwusaPres

Vice President Education

Name: Stephanie Ye-Mowe (she/they)

Year and Area of Study: 4th year Knowledge Integration with a Geography Minor, Diploma in Ecological Restoration and Rehabilitation, and Specialization in Science, Tech, and Society

Contact Information: vped@wusa.ca| +1 (226) 499-5515‬ | @yourwusaVPED

Vice President Operations and Finance

Name: Matthew Schwarze (he/him)

Year and Area of Study: 3B student in Mathematics at Waterloo (recent transfer from CS, expecting to declare mathematical optimization) and a Business Administration student at Laurier

Contact Information: pof@wusa.ca | +1 (226) 243-7738 | @yourwusaVPOF

Vice President Student Life

Name: Catherine Dong (she/they)

Year and Area of Study: 3rd year student in Mathematics

Contact Information: vpsl@wusa.ca | +1 (226) 499-5515‬ | @yourwusaVPSL

To learn more about their specific duties and see their photographs, click here.

WUSA Executive Q&A

Learn more about the plans your WUSA has for you this term

How would you like to see students connect with WUSA this fall?2022-05-04T14:37:35-04:00
  1. Running and voting in the by-election 

“Our upcoming by-election is an excellent way for students to have their say in WUSA’s governance. The campaign period runs from October 8-20, with voting beginning on October 18. Stay tuned for more info from the candidates! Don’t worry if there’s no election for your faculty—WUSA’s General Elections run each winter.” – Ben 

  1. Participating in upcoming events 

“I really hope that WUSA’s events and services are able to unite students in way they haven’t been able to connect for almost two years now. WUSA operates some amazing student-run services, commercial operations, events, and more that are as open and flexible as possible while still respecting public safety guidelines, which I’m really thankful for now more than ever.” – Matthew  

  1. Getting involved in committees and student-run services 

“Coming from the governance corner of things, it would make my heart sing to see more students getting involved with Students’ Council and its various committees. From the student life side of things though, I can’t recommend enough checking out WUSA’s student-run services—we offer peer support, social events, and so much more, and any undergraduate can access them!” – Catherine 

  1. Represent WUSA as an OUSA delegate 

“Represent WUSA as one of our delegates at the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) General Assembly (If you miss the Fall deadline, there’s another one happening in Winter!)” – Steph 

What is one thing about WUSA students need to know right now?2022-05-04T14:37:57-04:00
  1. Follow us on social (@yourWUSA) to stay connected  

“Students should know that WUSA is running as many events and services as we can over the coming year. We’re well aware of the impact the pandemic has had on students’ social, academic, and professional lives, and we want to “make up for lost time” in connecting and supporting students. The best place to learn all about what WUSA has coming up is by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @yourWUSA!” – Matthew  

  1. We are accountable to you, the undergraduate student body 

“We’re a not-for-profit organization that is funded, controlled, and entirely accountable to the undergraduate student body, which means that you have a say in the decisions that we make on how to serve, empower, and represent you!” – Catherine 

  1. The time to get involved is now! 

“Try to take advantage of the clubs, student societies, events, and mentorship opportunities available to you as an undergrad. It’s easy to get psyched out by thinking you’re not good enough or experienced enough, but I’d argue if there’s any time to take a leap – it’s now. If you ever wanted to do something (big or small), there’s a lot of tools and supports at your disposal right now that won’t be forever.” – Steph 

  1. The more you put into WUSA, the more you’ll gain from it 

“As a non-profit advocacy organization, we are controlled by our members (i.e. undergrads at UW!). The more you put into WUSA, the more you’ll gain from it. Whether you engage through clubs, services, the faculty societies or Students’ Council, this organization is what we make it.” – Ben 

What is one thing you’re hoping to successfully achieve before the end of your executive term?2022-05-04T14:38:16-04:00
  1. New Financial Support Mechanism for Volunteers 

“I’m hoping to lay the groundwork to pilot a financial support mechanism for financially insecure students who would like to volunteer rather than work alongside their other full-time commitments. That’s definitely a back-pocket project for me that I’d love to see through!” – Catherine  

  1. Build Foundation for Co-op Safe Spaces 

“Create a research and advocacy plan to address the skewed power relations co-op students sometimes have with their employers. It’s a project that’ll likely take longer than my tenure as VP-ED, but I’d like to lay the groundwork to get students to a place where they don’t feel like the only thing they can do when there’s a problem in the workplace is “suck it up”- whether that be changes in legislation, CEE practices, or services that we offer at WUSA.” – Steph 

  1. Governance Review Process 

“Before the end of my term in office, I am hopeful to see our governance review process through. We are expecting to receive a report from the governance consultants in November, draft bylaw amendments for approval in early January, and begin planning for transition once the general election has concluded.” – Ben 

  1. Progress on Bombshelter Lounge Project 

“I’m really hoping to make some real progress towards the highly-anticipated Bombshelter Lounge project. For students unaware, WUSA used to operate an on-campus pub, but amid declining interest it closed a few years ago.  This new lounge will be a flexible student social and relaxation space. Waterloo’s campus has loads of academic, study, and personal space available, but the lack of social space is very widely noted. This is the gap we’re really hoping to fill with this project.” – Matthew 



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