Winners of the February Photo Contest Theme: Favourite Study Spot

Published: Monday, February 26, 2024

The theme for February 2024’s photo contest was Favourite Study Spot”, and we want to thank everyone who submitted their photos. We hope everyone had a wonderful Reading Week, and it was fun to see everyone’s study spots over the past week. You can view all submissions here.

Congratulations to Ravjot Singh, who has won our 1st place prize of a $50 e-gift card. We had David Makarczyk as our runner-up who won a $20 e-gift card.

Participants were asked to tell us the story behind their submissions, and here’s what our winner and runner-up had to say about their individual piece:

“The university is filled with many places to study, and yet, there’s still so much left for me to discover. With midterms around the corner, the ambient atmosphere of these places provides productive study sessions, especially when I’m with friends.” – Ravjot Singh






“I call it ‘Vertigo’ because DP gives me vertigo (and I love it anyways)” – Tommy Ye






“There is only one spot on campus where while you study, you feel like the golden age of science still lives on… PHY342.” – David Makarczyk







Thank you everyone for all your submissions!


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