White Siren

Created by Isabelle Bakhshaei

It stared right back. The pale siren I faced stood there across the moss, refusing to displace her attention on me. And gone, slithering away through the dirt. I was enchanted. My feet gained a sense of their own, and just as quickly began to sprint blindly for the teasing wisp somewhere in the distance.

I did not know where I was before, and had no hope of being somewhere I know, but the mossy limbs that strung from the ground took organic motions and slithered along a guided path. Drakes of vegetation seemed to swim by my side the faster I went after the one thing that could hold my fascination for so long.

It was only when I had reached a fae circle completely devoid of trees did I lose her. It was a peculiar thing, the fae circle; a ring a dozen meters in diameter imperfectly outlined by roots that inked into the circle. It seemed like plain grass at first, but the more I axled around to get a sense of my surroundings, the more I noticed the little things peeking through; the roots didn’t fully seep into the ground, but piped up every once in a while, and with each bit of exposure, peculiar petals of white and pale yellow peeked out. And then every blade of grass seemed different, faintly glowing out of sync with its companions.

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