Created by Brenda Li

Take the heart of a broken lass, swung around your pinky fast

Heal her heart with new-strung strings, place it on a shipyard’s mast

Earthy tones of rain-fell soil, collect it all and waste your toil

Raging cries of men and boys, wrap their mouths in silver foil

An elder man with burning pains, douse him in the frigid lake

Place ‘em in the cauldron good, chop him up for heaven’s sake

Embers from a dragon’s tongue, burn them to your sluggish feet

Ugly men and virgin girls, kill them both so none can meet

Take this spell and chant it well, use it when you need to quell

Insidious harms drawn up in arms — no emotions shall rebel

Cure your tears and all your fears: use it as your death draws near.

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