The Gift of Spring

Created by Bibiana Egbunike

At first,

The grief was as thick as the

Nimbostratus clouds

That swallowed the sun

The day you passed

Each strangled breath, a slow gasp

Of what could have been

Of what was lost


Saying goodbye to you had felt like

A thousand needles piercing into my heart

I had gripped your cold fingers

In a fist and refused to let go

Because that was the last version

Of you, I’ll ever get to know


But your chartreuse eyes that once

Twinkled with mischief

And quiet assurance

Were vacant and cold


And yet, my soul

Had still reached for yours

Desperately yearning

For the connection we had

But received no answer

And that shattered all residual hope



The winter of mourning

Was frozen and harsh

Brown shriveled leaves

Frail and rigid, were splattered

Across the parched landscape


And it had constantly

Been a reminder of how you looked

The few days before you left

Your cheeks, sunken and hollow

Your body, a bag of bones

Life was foreign, you know?

The few weeks after your demise

The skies had wept feathery white

And no new life was born


I had been trapped in a trance

And lost in the better days we shared

Days filled with joy, timely innocence

And memories I yearned to trap in a box

So, I would never forget



The warm golden light

Seeps through the window

As spring approaches

And I feel you

In the air that I breathe

Crisp, with a hint of

Honey and earth


And like the seasons,

Feelings change

The harsh chills of winter fade

As summer conquers the land

And new life

Sprouts from the sea of brown


As nature revives

So does my soul

The slow cool breeze

Becomes a warm caress

And as the birds sing

To welcome the new day

I grow fond of our memories together


At last,

the hardness

In my heart, melts into

Liquid spring

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