Spiral tunnel

Created by Isabelle Bakhshaei

The hum came from afar. A Child’s tune winding through the slender limbs of giants, whose faces have not been seen in ages. Note by note, it sparked minute spirits awake, and drifted in and out of the ground around them. Little lights grew out of nothing and began to dance. Almost like fireflies, they created rhythmic patterns to illuminate the
barked posts surrounding them. Mosses and fungi began to glow with cheer as the child’s voice danced with the lights, forever in a forgetful bliss. streaks of dim light began slithering their way up a trunk and sinking into it, seeping into the plethora of crevasses that were etched into the aged bark. and as though they had lifted the once stagnant trunk from it’s resting place, it lifted itself from the ground and took a step forth. Not far from it, another mossy limp pulled itself from the ground and shifted to be next to its counterpart.

The giant slowly lifted its head to survey the surroundings. He was just barely tall enough to peep through the forest canopy to see the last trace of sunlight disappear beyond the horizon. Down below he saw the lights twinkle back up at him in faint recognition. He pulled his stiff arms from his side to get a glance at how aged his bark was. How long had he been asleep for? Why hasn’t anyone else woken up? It didn’t really matter much anymore, so much as he was the only conscious giant for as far as the land stretched.

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