She Goes On

Created by Anusha Akella

Spiralling into an endless hole 

Where nothing but darkness awaits 

It’s no place for her divine soul 

Falling into unknown despair that predates. 

Yet, she goes on. 


Her heart is made of stone, though delicate and fragile. 

She wears an armour of steel, though covered in dents. 

Her mind an array of colours, though all in a tangle. 

Lips forever adorned with a smile, to hide the torment. 

Yet, she goes on. 


Could that be a ray of hope, seeping through the cracks? 

Like a candle flame’s glimmer, banishing the shadows. 

Like a harmonious melody, dismissing voices that attack. 

Like a warm embrace, shielding from piercing arrows.  


She goes on.  

Because she knows she is not alone.  

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