Peter’s Adventure Home (Excerpt 2)

Created by Isabella McKenzie

Suddenly, Peter heard singing. He looked around to realize the singing came from the five-foot-tall flowers that outlined the path. They were all different bright colours and textures. Their faces were cartoonish with big eyelashes and blushing cheeks. They turned to face him as he walked, like a sunflower to the sun. Their singing voices sounded like Disney princesses and their songs fluttered through the air. Peter reached out to delicately touch each flower as he walked. A giddy smile spread across his face as he touched each petal briefly. Some felt like leather, others felt like satin or suede. As he walked, his other senses explored the world around him. He felt butterflies of excitement in his stomach as he picked up the faint scent of honeysuckles. Then he heard birds chirping, glittering the air with their tweets. Warm gusts of wind encouraged him to move forward and the next thing he knew was walking through beige sand.

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