Peter’s Adventure Home (Excerpt 1)

Created by Isabella McKenzie

Peter eyes spotted a poster in the shadows of his room that he hadn’t seen before. He slowly got out of bed and walked closer to the poster. He continued to feel the warm breeze guide him. As he got closer, he squinted his eyes to try and make out the figures in the darkness.

“It’s a poster of a jungle!” he said to himself, curiously.

There were some small figures scattered across the poster luring him to look closer. The warm breeze lifted his arm, as if he was weightless, to touch his fingers to the poster. As he touched it, the poster lit up. Peter’s jaw dropped as glowing streams of golden sparkling light flowed from the poster and danced around the room. The glittering light lit up the room enough for him to see the new poster clearly.

The poster had a great, strong jungle with orange juice skies, cocoa bean dirt paths, and a raspberry lemonade ocean in the background. Flowers decorated the scene that smiled back at him, and small, red-topped mushroom people skipped along the paths. One mushroom stood in the foreground, and held their hand out to him, patiently hoping Peter would take it.

“Peter? What’s going on in there?” said his mom on the other side of his bedroom door.

He quickly lifted his fingers from the poster and the golden light was sucked back in. Twinkling gold glitter was left sprinkled on the poster. Peter turned back to the mysterious image with longing eyes. He placed his hand back onto the poster, but this time his hand went right through. The poster rippled like a calm pond, and it felt like his hand was engulfed in mist. The streams of light began to flow from the poster again, and more and more as Peter’s arm went deeper into the poster.


He turned his head to the door, then back to the poster, as he weighed his options as rationally as he could considering his forearm was immersed into a poster. He moved an inch closer to the poster and the golden light suddenly sped up. It whipped around the room and came up behind Peter. It shoved him chest first into the poster. The room went dark, and he was gone.

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