Created by Isabella McKenzie

Imani crossed her arms. The whirr of the rolling tires beneath them began to weigh her eyelids down. With every sloth blink, the sun trudged towards the horizon. The temperature began to drop as Night started its trance.

The evening air was lead on her limbs. Her brother lay motionless as twilight tucked him in. Travis, however, was as still as a sniper, eyes locked on the open road. The sun faded faster as darkness seeped in like ink on paper. The powerlines cast creeping, spider leg shadows on the pavement.

As they entered their town, darkness threaded the streets, choking out the daylight. Buildings cast thick, deep shadows like spilt milkshakes, and houses were blacked out in a dark mist. Imani’s long lashes fluttered closed as darkness sealed the town.

“Goodnight, everyone,” Travis said with a sneer.

The car clock read “7:00pm.”

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