Line 12

March 20, 2020 ·
1 min read ·

Her presence shines under the sun.
The way her beautiful luscious petals
bloom and blossom red affection.
The way her soft green leaves shimmer
in the wind and remain pure and flawless.
The way her long green stem curves upwards
without any fear or insecurities.

She had her warmth from the sun.
She had her roots from the ground.

The only vitality part she was missing
was her supply of water.
The single drops of water he restricts her to have.

As she begs in thirsty.
As her throat quenches
and her voice begins to crack.
As her petals darken in browns
and dulls with lack of emotion.
As her leaves couldn’t withstand the cold
and break off from the stem.
As her stem begins to curve down,
trying to protect herself from any darkness,
from any toxins.

She had her warmth.
She had her foundation.
She didn’t have the water needed
to pump through her body.

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