Created by Hediyeh Safari


For dancing in the alleys and street

For the fear of getting caught kissing

For my sister, my brother and unity

For all the times who tried to change their minds and stale beliefs

For the loss of pride

For poverty

For the dream of just a normal life

For you and me

For all the children who are starving for a loaf of bread

For the greed of politics and all the lies they spread

For this command economy

For all the mass polluted air we breathe

For all the litter in the streets and all the dying trees

For Piruz and all the animals who suffer from elimination

For all the cats and dogs who love us without no conditions

For the non-stop crying

For the image of repatriation of this moment

For other tears that seem to never end

For all the images that keep on turning in my heads

For a simple smile to last a little while

For the students

For the future generations fighting for their time

For empty promises a heaven in the afterlife

For all the imprisonment of intellects and beautiful minds

For all the babies who were born and for the ones who died

For all the times you told the truth and all the time you lied

For all the speeches that we heard about a million times

For all this hollow chants

For all the shots and shelters that were sold to megaton

For just a glimpse of a peaceful life

For the rising of the sun after an endless night

For the mental illness

For all the pills we pop just to get some sleep

For men, fatherland, prosperity

For the sake of the girl that wished she was a boy

For All Mankind and our country, Iran

For all the boys and girls who never knew equality

For woman…

For Life…

For liberty…

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