False Values

February 16, 2021 ·
1 min read ·

False Values were assigned to me as a child;
I was labelled to be worth so much and keep my wild spirit mild,
They  praised me when I was skinny, working myself to death,
Words of hatred and appraisal seeping from their breath,
They reprimanded me when I wanted to eat myself happy, so I was stuck in limbo
What was I to do to please their ever loving ego
They looked at me like meat from a store.
Ever too skinny, ever too fat,
But I am so much more than;
Their false values.

I am not your “chink”
I can see my own world through the eyes of so many philosophers, scientists, leaders, explorers,
sisters and brothers before me.
Not just through a wide screen sense but in panorama,
I am not your false value.

I am not your prize to be won.
Though you have told me many a time that I am beautiful, gorgeous, sexy,
And though it took be a long time to see for myself,
I am not your false value.

False Values are lies, told every day to the ones you love with a straight face that can fool a poker player.
False Values are nasty little words whispered about by your neighbour or your own flesh and blood as if they are better than you are/
False Values are the ones who walk into Sunday worship, turn their noses up at the poor, the promiscuous, the queer and the “wrong”. Who think they are better,
But go on to break the hearts of the ones they love.
False Values are in my life,
But I promise I will not succumb to their seductive powers.
I know my true value.

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