WUSA is hooking you up with an SPC Membership

We want you to be a smart shopper with SPC, it just makes cents!

UWaterloo Undergrads get access to 450+ unlimited discounts, up to 25% off* top brands, contests, giveaways and more by signing up for your digital Student Price Card courtesy of WUSA. Click the link below and start saving now!

*Terms and conditions apply.

More information can be found on the SPC website.

Frequently Asked Questions

SPC is a digital membership program. There is no physical card available. The SPC app gives you access to all offers and other membership benefits.

YES! SPC is a student-exclusive membership. All students are eligible to receive discounts and deals but may be required to show valid student ID when redeeming offers. We’ve made life easy- store your student ID right in the SPC app for ease of access when showing your membership in-store.

Due to privacy reasons, students under 13 are not eligible for an SPC membership.

Students 16+ may be requested to present valid student identification to receive their discount. SPC partners have the right to refuse any discount if valid student ID is not provided, with the exceptions of a VIP membership and SPC+/CIBC memberships.

Be sure to upload your student ID in the SPC app to take it with you, everywhere you go!

To activate a digital membership purchased in-store or in school, please click here and enter your 16-digit membership # and CSV to begin.

You can also active your membership by following the instructions included inside your membership package.

Scan the QR Code inside the SPC package to begin the activation process. Scanning the QR code inside the package will direct you to a link for activation. Your 16-digit membership number will autopopulate, and all you’ll need to do is enter the CSV number found on the inside of the package.

If you have any questions about signing up for your membership, or the SPC program, visit the full list of Frequently Asked Questions on the SPC website or ask us a question through our general inquiry form!