UWaterloo Bike Centre

Located in SLC 0101, the Bike Centre is a Do-It-Yourself bike repair shop run by undergraduate students at UWaterloo. We can provide the tools, parts, and some know-how to help you keep your ride in tip-top shape.

Bicycle Rental Program

The Bike Centre offers a bicycle rental program. Undergraduate students will have the opportunity to rent one of 40 bicycles at an affordable price for the entire term. The Rental program is now accepting applications for the 2019 SpringTerm! Email us at bikecentre@wusa.ca if you have questions.

Spring Term Operations

We are open Monday to Friday from 10:00AM - 5:00PM by appointment only. Appointments can be booked through the following link: https://calendly.com/uwbikecentre/appointment

To register for our Bike Rental Program, please see the following link: bikerentals21.ticketfi.com

In-store guidelines:

  • Please practice social distancing and respect staff at all times
  • Please do not enter the Bike Centre if you have covid-19 like symptoms or suspicion of carrying a contagious disease
  • Masks or other face coverings are highly recommended when in the shop
  • Access available only through exterior door (towards SLC/PAC parking lot). Designated Entry and Exit points marked by signs
  • Please provide your Watcard (place on counter), Name, and WatIAM when entering (Will be used to contact you if there is a health-related situation)
  • Maximum of 4 people in the shop (including Bike Centre staff)
  • All tools cleaned after used by a maximum of 1 person (No sharing of tools)
  • Please wash your hands when you enter and exit the shop and hourly
  • New items for purchase will be picked by Bike Centre staff
  • Payment accepted via debit or credit card only
  • No purchase of used parts (unless it’s a guaranteed-fit item, e.g. valve cap)
  • No return of purchased items

How the Bike Centre Works

We charge $1/hr for use of the tools and $1 if you use any of the fluids. It is always free to pump up your tires. We are proudly run by volunteers, not professional mechanics. We can provide resources and advice to assist with repairs, but we are not a full-service shop.

Parts for sale include:

  • Inner Tubes - $5 (24”, 26”, & 700c sizes available)  
  • Brake & Shift Cables: $3 
  • Brake & Shift Housing: $2/ft
  • Glue Patch: $0.50 each

The fluids available are oil (suitable for your chain), grease (the thick gooey stuff to be used on bearings), and citrus-based solvent (for helping get rid of the old gooey stuff).

We have the tools for most routine maintenance. 

What we don't have are tools that are specific for disc brakes, suspension fork or shock, frame straightening, pressing in headset cups, or for specialized/cutting-edge/high-end parts.

Where is the Bike Centre

The Bike Centre is in the northwest corner of the Student Life Centre. You can get to us from the outside by our door in that corner of the building (on the Ring Road side of the SLC loading docks) or from inside the SLC by walking down the hallway past the CIBC in the basement. The room number is SLC 0101.

Bi-Annual Bike Auction

Note: Due to the current health-related situation, we will not host an auction. Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram to receive the latest updates. Alternatively, for purchase of used bikes, contact us via email for availability.

Every fall and spring term, the Bike Centre, which is located in the basement of the SLC, auctions off second-hand bikes that have been inspected by skilled student volunteers. This event gives students who want an alternative way of getting around a budget-friendly opportunity to own a bicycle

Bicycle Rental Program

The Bike Centre provides a bike rental program in both Spring and Fall terms to provide a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to local transportation. Students will have the opportunity to rent one of 40 bicycles at an affordable price for the entire term.

Rental fees and damage deposits will be payable in credit or debit only when picking up your bike.

Each rental bicycle comes with reflectors, front and rear lights, and a U-lock and cable. You are required to prove you have a helmet when you pick up your bike.

Rental program for 2021 is now open! Sign up using the link bikerentals21.ticketfi.com


2, 3 & 8 speed bikes
$45/month (plus $250 damage deposit)

Payments and deposits will be payable in credit or debit only when picking up your bicycle.

Each rental bicycle comes with reflectors, front and rear lights, and a U-lock and cable.

Bicycle Models

The following bicycle models will be available for rental:

  • NORCO CITY GLIDE 8IGH (medium and large)
  • NORCO CITY GLIDE 2SPD (small, medium and large)
  • NORCO CITY GLIDE 3IGH MIXTE (small & medium)

Donate to us

The Bike Centre appreciates your support! Financial donations will be used for operations and the purchase of necessary items for the safety of our guests and volunteers. At this time, we are not able to accept donations of parts, bikes or other equipment.

  • Donations accepted via our WUSA Donations page. Simply change the QTY to whatever amount you would like to donate and checkout!

  • Donations accepted in person at the WUSA Main office


Parking is available at PAC and SLC. For rates at specific locations see the University of Waterloo Lot Information Rates webpage.


Student Life Centre  RM 0101 
200 University Ave West
Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1